Chiwan Choi’s Diaspora Jukebox Playlist

This Playlist Will Have You Falling in Love on a DTLA Rooftop and Dancing Like It’s 1982

As part of Zócalo Public Square’s 20th birthday, we’re sharing the sounds of the Southland with “Diaspora Jukebox,” a series of playlists that celebrate the unique communities and musical traditions that represent Los Angeles. Our third Diaspora Jukebox playlist features the songs that accompanied poet Chiwan Choi through his youth in Koreatown, late nights in West L.A., and his DTLA wedding.

The only music I remember listening to (not counting church songs, oh god) before my family arrived in Los Angeles when I was 10, …

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How the Inland Empire Helped Create the Republic of Korea

Uncovering the Hidden History of Riverside’s Pachappa Camp

How did we forget about the first Koreatown, USA?

In the early 20th century, Korean Americans flocked to Pachappa Camp in citrus-rich Riverside, California, to gather, live and work together, and …

I’m a Survivor Of Koreatown’s Test Prep Despots

On the Bad Side, the Classes Were Terrifying. On the Good Side, They Made the SAT Fun By Comparison.

On the first day of my SAT prep class in L.A.’s Koreatown in the summer of 2012, I arrived at what appeared to be an office building, with dark glass …

The Jewish Heart of L.A. Lives in Koreatown

The Wilshire Boulevard Temple’s Newly Restored Sanctuary Is Astonishing. So Is the History of the Congregation.

Angelenos regularly travel thousands of miles abroad to view imposing, inspiring edifices, yet we have such a place right here in our city: Wilshire Boulevard Temple’s newly restored sanctuary. This …

An Election Day in the Life of KTown

Zócalo Captures Photos of the Polling Places In Our Neighborhood

If you’re going to the polls today, take care to make your vote count (see Robert Benedetti’s piece for a few tips). Meanwhile, as we wait for results from across six …

Maria’s “Fruta Fresca” Stand

Where the Perfect Mango Comes with Lime Juice, Chili Powder, and a Dash of Nostalgia

Maria’s “Fruta Fresca” stand is usually parked on Wilshire right outside Zócalo Public Square’s global headquarters in K-Town. The smiling but inscrutable Oaxaquense always manages to have the perfect mango, …