Can Gloria Molina Still Slay Giants?

The L.A. City Council Race Will Put the Longtime County Supervisor’s Legacy on the Line

Memories are short in Los Angeles, so many of us don’t know–or have forgotten–the history behind arguably the biggest story of this Southern California political season: Gloria Molina’s bid to achieve the rarest of campaign feats by ousting an incumbent on the Los Angeles City Council.

Molina, now 66, has made history before. She first burst onto the political scene in 1982 by upsetting the candidate of a powerful male-dominated Eastside machine for a seat on the California State Assembly. Through that victory in her first run for office, she became …

Political Organizer Torie Osborn

A Late-Comer to the Joys of Napping

Torie Osborn is a longtime Los Angeles political organizer and activist. Before participating in a panel on what Mayor Eric Garcetti’s first year says about the future of L.A., she …

Eric Garcetti: Rock Star or Bureaucrat?

After a Year in Office, the Jury Is Still Out on L.A.’s Mayor and His Vision for the Future

Is Eric Garcetti a rock-star-in-waiting who has laid the groundwork to make major change in Los Angeles? Or is he a bureaucrat who lacks direction and big vision for the …

Should I Give a Damn About the Mayor’s F-Bomb?

Why It’s OK for You, Your Kids, and Even Your Mom to Listen to L.A.’s Foul-Mouthed Eric Garcetti

In using an expletive last week to tell a rally of hockey fans, “This is a big fuckin’ day,” did Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti cross a line?

There are real …

Time For Your Check-Up, Mr. Mayor

Political Observers Analyze Eric Garcetti’s First Year in Office

You can say this about the first year of Eric Garcetti’s term as the mayor of Los Angeles: At least he has succeeded in taking New York down a peg …

The Dirty Politics That Saved the Santa Monica Mountains

Grassroots Organizing, Race, Nepotism and, Yes, Environmentalism, Collided in a Colorful 1971 L.A. Election

At the time, it seemed just another political dirty trick—a phony newspaper mailed to residents of the San Fernando Valley. But that newspaper, called the Record, turned out to have …