LACMA’s Art + Technology Lab Director Joel Ferree

I’m Curious How AI Can Play Out Within the Art Institution

Joel Ferree is the program director of LACMA’s Art + Technology Lab which supports artist experiments with emerging technology. He was director of the Spencer Brownstone Gallery in New York City from 2006 to 2011. Before sitting on the panel for the Zócalo, Arts for LA, ASU Narrative and Emerging Media Program, and LACMA program “Is AI the End of Creativity—Or a New Beginning?,” he joined us in the green room to talk jazz, pizza, and the humbling experience of working with artists.

Chicano Artist and Homeboy Art Academy’s Fabian Debora

I Paint for Those in My Community, for the Voiceless

Fabian Debora is a Chicano artist based out of Boyle Heights and the co-founder and executive director of Homeboy Art Academy. Before speaking at the Zócalo event “How Do We …

Larry Sultan’s Visions of Suburbia

Finding Distorted Glamour Among California's Tract Homes and Strip Malls

Photographer Larry Sultan grew up in Los Angeles’ quintessentially suburban San Fernando Valley, surrounded by tract homes and strip malls. What might appear bland to others, though, was transformed through …

In Praise of LACMA’s Vulgar Architecture

Demolishing Much of the Existing Museum Is a Big Mistake. It’s More Like a Mall Than the Met—Which Is Why It’s Perfect for L.A.

When Renzo Piano was first approached about designing an addition to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Italian architect hesitated. “As I already told you,” he wrote in …

LACMA Director Michael Govan

Hate Away, New Yorkers!

Michael Govan is director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Before participating in a panel on how L.A’s art museums can thrive, he revealed in the Zócalo green …