He Leaves Me

out of breath in the same way

one sprints through a tunnel
trying to catch a train one knows

one’s going to miss, thinking:

was I trying to run away with him
or from him? Ever get the feeling

while sitting in a hotel lobby

your man is going to show
two hours after the last time

he texted saying he was running

late, will be there soon, don’t
go anywhere!–familiar odor

of mouthwash masking vodka

when he leans in for the kiss
almost not waiting for but always

is? Nor do you mention the baby

in a stroller no …

Sonnet 143

Lo, as a careful housewife runs to catch
One of her feather’d creatures broke away,
Sets down her babe, and makes all swift dispatch
In pursuit of the thing she …

I wish I were a killer whale

Sure, you would have to look beyond my 5-ton physique,
understand that a washboard stomach is only a dream,
and that I will always be hairless.

I could no longer open …

Don’t Freak Out if You’re Not Lusting After a Baby

You Don’t Have to Be Selfish, Shallow, or Self-Absorbed to Decide Not to Become a Parent

Why do some adult men and women choose not to have kids? Los Angeles Times columnist Meghan Daum had only seen the topic addressed in a “really glib, flippant way.” …

Is there a way to wake up?

​(Jena Osman)

I was supposed to know them, the couple
you named, alerting me they’d gone missing.
(This dream dimmed what all my dreams dim: trouble.
We never bloomed, but we keep …

There Was That

This canal wasn’t grand but that
didn’t stop you from photographing it
for this was Venice, this was Italy,
Europe, your first time, your honeymoon,
a freight of meaningfulness, like …