Will Sacramento Be a Sucker For the Kings?

It Makes No Economic Sense For a Strapped City To Bribe Billionaire Team Owners. But, Let’s Face It, We’re Ripe For Extortion.

Walk into any room in Baltimore this month, be it barroom or living room, and you won’t need to know a trap block from a trapdoor to strike a spark of fellow-feeling and shared accomplishment. Just say, “How ’bout those Ravens?”

There is no community glue more universal than love of the home team. Winning isn’t even required. In Chicago a century of futility has bound Cubs fans as tightly as the stitches on a baseball. And in my hometown, we have never breathed together more as one place with one …

‘Bring Back the Crooked Assessor’

California’s Assessors Used to Have the Freedom to Make Decisions. Now None of Us Do.

The ongoing criminal investigation of Los Angeles County Assessor John Noguez, on allegations that he lowered tax assessments on property owners in return for campaign contributions, divides Californians into two …

The Sacramento Blight Flight

The Demise of California’s Redevelopment Agencies Could End a War Against Ourselves

The city of Sacramento, my adopted hometown, has always been at war with downtown blight. Do I exaggerate? It will not seem so to most Sacramentans, we who have arrived …

Downgrades ‘R Us

Feds Join California in the Credit Risk Club

To Californians, the Standard & Poor’s downgrade of America’s credit rating delivers a double sting. Like other Americans, we share the embarrassment of landing in the second rank of nations, …

Taxing Reason

The Golden State's (Unhealthy) Single-Issue Politics

I’m sick and tired of taxes. And this week I suspect I’m not alone.

But don’t misunderstand me. My complaint isn’t mostly about paying taxes, although I take no more pleasure …