Why MLK and RFK Are Forever Bound Together in an Indianapolis Park

A Sculpture Commemorates the Spontaneous Speech Kennedy Gave the Night King Was Murdered

The City of Indianapolis’ Parks and Recreation Department administers the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park at 1702 North Broadway Street on the city’s near north side. Within the park’s 14 acres are the usual recreational components of an urban park, including a basketball court, playground, softball field, picnic shelters, and an outdoor pool.

But as residents wile away the hours at play, their eyes are sometimes drawn to one of the park’s most intriguing features, a sculpture titled A Landmark for Peace. The memorial, placed in the park in …

Why Martin Luther King Had a 75 Percent Disapproval Rating in the Year of His Death

His Crusade to Confront Economic Injustice and the Vietnam War Angered Whites, While Younger Black Activists Had Lost Patience With His Nonviolent Tactics

According to an early 1968 Harris Poll, the man whose half-century of martyrdom we celebrate this week died with a public disapproval rating of nearly 75 percent, a figure shocking …