What Bruce Springsteen Taught Me Then—And Teaches Me Now

On 40 Years of Listening to the Sonic Squall from the Boss’s Soul

Bruce Springsteen was the first artist I saw in concert—in 1976, when I was 15. He had recently graced the covers of Time and Newsweek, and journalist Jon Landau, who would later become his manager, had dubbed him “the future of rock ‘n’ roll.” His early Dylan-esque reveries of streetwise characters on the margins, songs like “Sandy” and “Spirit in the Night,” felt lived-in and alive, and evoked charm and scruff. By the time he came out with 1975’s Born to Run, his music’s ever-bigger sound propelled working-class frustration and …

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Raven Chacon Makes Noise

As Zócalo Presents His Work in ‘How Do We Hear America?,’ the Composer Shares His Liner Notes on Composition, U.S. History, and the Los Angeles Music Scene

Raven Chacon has been making noise, literally and otherwise, since he was a youngster growing up in New Mexico. Fascinated by instruments of all kinds (those he’s bought and those …

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Our Favorite Public Programs of 2022

This Year on the Zócalo Stage, Our Panelists Shared Some Jabs, Gave Voice to Resistance, and Reimagined Home

This year on the Zócalo stage, panelists dared us to reimagine home. Showed us that we can build a better America. Reminded us that incarceration is big business. Demonstrated what …

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Concertmaster and Violinist Roberto Cani

You Get So Deep Into Music, You’re in a Different World

Roberto Cani is the Stuart Canin Concertmaster at the L.A. Opera and a violinist who has performed as a soloist with the Moscow Philharmonic, the Orchestra of La Scala in …

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Hollywood Bowl Violist Erik Rynearson

Life Is Easier in France

Erik Rynearson is principal violist of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, the Santa Barbara Symphony, Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra, and has been a regular substitute musician with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. …

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LA Opera Principal Violinist Ana Landauer

Being a Violinist Is Like Being a Gymnast

Ana Landauer is principal second violinist of the Los Angeles Opera Orchestra and is an active chamber musician in the greater Los Angeles area. Before performing for the Zócalo/Artistic Soirées …