The Dome Is Where the Heart Is

A Hallmark of Middle Eastern Architecture Helps Muslims Orient Themselves Toward Mecca, and One Another

The green dome of the Omar ibn Al-Khattab mosque in Los Angeles interrupts the low skyline with a quiet gravitas. The mosque has been here since 1982, next door to the University of Southern California, its minaret a beacon for the Muslim community that clogs Exposition Boulevard with traffic every Friday afternoon for congregational prayers. When I was younger, this was where my community held funerals and weddings, Ramadan dinners, and Eid celebrations. At sunset, we gathered in the great prayer hall, in the glow of dying sunlight and fluorescent …

There Is No ‘Muslim World’

Each Time Deranged Terrorists Invoking Islam Strike Against the West, 1.6 Billion People Get Lumped Together As If They’re All the Same

Here we go again. Each time deranged terrorists invoking Islam strike in the West, alongside the mourning of the victims comes the heated debate over how the world’s Muslims should …

“Hangery” with a Purpose

My Remedial Ramadan Course, Online

How does one prepare for Ramadan? If you had asked me a few weeks ago I would not have said through an online seminar.

But my cousin, much younger and cooler than …