We’re Winning in Afghanistan (At Least With Vaccines)

U.S.-Funded Public Health Programs Make the World Safer For All of Us. Why Aren’t They More Integrated Into Our National Security Strategy?

Forget the Affordable Care Act—by far the biggest impact of the Obama Administration on global health has been in funding incredibly cheap, effective health interventions overseas at a fraction of a percent of the ACA’s price tag. America’s National Security Strategy recognizes that this work matters to our domestic security. “When a disease goes unchecked, it can endanger our own health,” it suggests. “When children are sick, development is stalled.” And yet, by continuing to sideline global health in implementing the security strategy, the Obama administration is contradicting itself and …

An Open (Of Course) Letter to My Friend, the NSA

Sorry, But It’s Really Tough Nowadays To Hire a Non-Leaking Hacker

Dear NSA,

We need to have a chat, so I trust you’re reading this.

Of course you are; good. Now, let’s see … how should I put this? Look, you’ve done a …

Thank You, Hollywood, For the Bumbling Spies

Depicting the Fallibility of Intelligence Enables Us to Deal With Reality

First, the bad news. That debonair, whip-smart, multilingual, trained-in-martial-arts, computer-code-writing Ivy League grad who works around the clock to hunt down terrorists and defuse bombs just seconds before they explode? …

The Triumph of 9/10

The Day that was to Change Everything Didn't

September 11th was the only day I was ever invited to breakfast at Windows on the World, atop New York City’s World Trade Center. I had no intention of going, …