Preparing Dinosaurs Author Caitlin Donahue Wylie

Cretaceous Herbivores Are Overlooked in Their Awesomeness

Caitlin Donahue Wylie is a social scientist at University of Virginia and author of Preparing Dinosaurs: The Work Behind the Scenes. Ahead of her visit to Zócalo for an event titled “Can Dinosaur Fossils Make Science More Accessible?,” Wylie told us in the green room about the coolest job she’s ever had, how mummies led to her interest in dinosaurs, and her favorite haunts in Chicago.

How Dung Beetles Keep Our Planet Healthy and Clean

By Supplying Ecological Balance and an Economic Edge, These Insects Make the World Go 'Round

Excrement is not a dirty word. It is a fascinating process, and the start of a complex interaction of recycling and reusing. Surprisingly, in an age obsessed with recycling, we …