Why We Believe in the Illusory Promise of a New Year

The Most Secular and Universal of Holidays Is Also the Most Magical

I love New Year’s. It’s as if everyone had the same birthday and we all have complete license to wish each and every one of us—even the strangest of strangers—well. The holiday doesn’t carry any deep national or religious significance. We don’t have to wave flags or feel obliged to muster gratitude for people whose bloodlines we happen to share. Nor is it organized around any long forgotten commemoration or some dumb game. It’s just a wonderfully arbitrary line in the sand that separates yesterday from today, the immediate past …

The Real New Year Starts in September

The NFL, Hollywood, Uncle Sam, and Judaism Can't All Be Wrong

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions?

No? What are you waiting for? Labor Day is upon us.

September sneaks up on us every year to interrupt the languid days of …