Can We Thank Barry Goldwater for this Libertarian Moment?

Figuring Out What the Arizona Senator Would Make of (and How Much He’s Responsible for) Our Current Political Landscape

Between U.S. Senator Rand Paul being taken seriously as a presidential candidate and broad support for the legalization of marijuana, the country is “having a libertarian moment,” 12 News Sunday Square Off host Brahm Resnik told a crowd at the Arizona State University Kerr Cultural Center in Scottsdale. “Is this a moment Barry Goldwater helped to create?”

Resnik was moderating a panel co-presented by ASU on the legacy of the late Arizona senator.

“I don’t think there’s any question about that,” said Arizona Republic columnist Robert Robb. “Both the historically important Barry …

Why Are D.C. Politicians Sweet on California?

Lefties and Righties Are Calling the Golden State a National Model. It’s Flattering—and Misguided.

Dear Washington, D.C.,

I know that your politicians will say anything to get elected and your wonks are perpetually grasping at straws. But I find it hard to believe how many …

A Charade of a Shutdown

Closing the Government Was Impossible. Let’s Stop Pretending Otherwise.

On a flight out to California earlier this month, the two men seated next to me shared a chuckle about the government “shutdown,” then in its second week.

“It’s like the …

Parallel States

Our Two Major Parties, Hijacked by Extremists

Anyone wondering why political gridlock undermines California’s governance need look no further than the two big political conventions that occurred a month-and-a-half apart in Sacramento. The Democrats had their state …