Why I Love the Little League World Series

The Flailing MLB Could Learn a Thing or Two from These Joyful Tween Athletes

This August, I haven’t been following Major League Baseball. Instead, I’ve been watching the Little League Baseball World Series on television. The event, held in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, features the 16 best baseball state champion teams in the country in a double-elimination bracket tournament, following regional play. (Due to COVID-19 safety restrictions, international teams are not participating in the tournament this year.)

As I watch, I like to see the faces of the 12-year-old players. A child strikes out, looks to be on the verge of tears, and then, a few minutes …

Why Don’t More Americans Remember the 1897 Massacre of Pennsylvania Coal Miners?

The Mostly Eastern European Victims Were Forgotten Because of an Ensuing Backlash Against Immigrant Workers

At the western entrance of the coal patch town of Lattimer, in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, sits a rough-cut shale boulder, about 8 feet tall, surrounded by neatly trimmed bushes. A …

Suppressing Voting Rights Is as Old as the Republic—But the Tactics Keep Changing 

Discriminatory State Constitutions, Poll and Literacy Taxes, and Now Photo ID Laws All Have Been Used to Keep Ballots From the Less Powerful 

The more that efforts to suppress voting rights in America change, the more they remain the same.

From the earliest days of the republic to the present, politicians have sought to …

The Pain Behind the Pennsylvania Primary

Trump's Working-Class Supporters Are Reeling From Job Losses, Drugs, and a Spike in Suicides

What’s driving disaffected voters to political outsiders like Donald Trump? One big factor is America’s abandonment of labor-intensive manufacturing, and its rush toward a hi-tech, eco-friendly, creative economy that excludes …