God Calls My Name, but the Church Won’t Let Me Answer

The Roman Catholic Ban on Female Priests Is Leaving Women—and Thousands of Parishes—Idle and Powerless

“What do you do when God calls you and the church blocks you from answering?” a journalist once asked me.

It was the pithiest articulation I’d ever heard of the challenge that has consumed most of my adult life.

Since I was in my early teens, I have felt that God was calling me to be a Catholic priest. But I’m a woman, and the Roman Catholic Church refuses to ordain women. Not exactly an auspicious set-up.

Nevertheless, I spent the bulk of my time in high school and college …

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Junipero Serra May Have Been a Saint, but He Wasn’t California’s Founding Father

For All His Religious Fervor, the Founder of the State's Missions was Out of Touch and Made Little Effort to Understand Local Culture

Could sainthood be bad for Junipero Serra’s reputation?

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