Someone Come To the Rescue Of College, Please

How Do We Gear Up Higher Ed For Tomorrow?

Can the next U.S. president make public universities more affordable–and can the federal government do anything to support crucial research that takes place in these institutions?

Yes, said UCLA Chancellor Gene Block, University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman, and Carnegie Corporation President Vartan Gregorian, in a panel co-presented by UCLA at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

David Leonhardt, Washington Bureau Chief of The New York Times and the program’s moderator, opened the conversation by citing Kanye West’s album The College Dropout–which suggests that dropping out of college might be …

College As We’ve Known It Will Soon Die (And Should)

The Federal Government Should Adapt the Principles of 150 Years Ago To a New Age

To understand how public universities reached their present state of decline and near-crisis, you might look back a century and a half to July of 1862, when Abraham Lincoln signed …

Private College Stoked, Public College Broke

Can Our Public Universities Still Compete With Rich Private Ones?


We’ve long been proud of our great public universities in the United States. Historically, they’ve been both superb and inexpensive. The University of California system has long represented a pinnacle …

Middle-Class Schools at the Big Dance

San Diego State and Long Beach State May Be Underdogs in NCAAs, But They’re Big Winners for California

Like parents with more than one child, Californians say they love all of their higher education systems equally. But everyone knows that the University of California is really the favorite, …

What Should Universities Do For Their Cities?

Perspectives On How Gown Can Help Town


Universities often set up shop in cities, and cities often set up shop around universities. But the relationship between the two communities–town and gown–can be quite distant, even hostile. What …

Give Me Your Wired, Your Rich, Your Huddled Brainiacs

California’s Great at Higher Ed-Let’s Export More of It

With California so low on cash, you’d think we’d be trying to find more out-of-state buyers for our goods and services. But we’ve largely overlooked one of the most obvious …