Financial Writer Tom Petruno

Highly Inquisitive, Motivated to Improve

Tom Petruno was a longtime financial columnist for the Los Angeles Times who is now an independent investor, writer, and consultant. Before moderating a panel on young Californians and retirement, he explained in the Zócalo green room why he doesn’t have any particular geographical retirement fantasies, where he likes getting his hands dirty, and the most economical place in the world to eat.

L.A. Financial Empowerment Initiative’s Olivia Calderon

Finding Beauty in Authenticity

Olivia Calderon directs the City of Los Angeles Financial Empowerment Initiative. Before participating in a panel on young Californians and retirement, she talked Thanksgiving, enchiladas, hummingbirds, and her first summer …

Financial Adviser Alexander Cruz

People Ignore My Advice?

Alexander Cruz is a financial adviser at SagePoint Financial in Los Angeles. Before participating in a panel on young Californians and retirement, he talked steak and mother-in-law’s tongue (the plant), …

AARP’s Gerri Madrid-Davis

A Fan of Snow Leopards and Audre Lord

Gerri Madrid-Davis is the director of director of financial security and consumer affairs at AARP. Before participating in a panel on why young Californians aren’t saving for retirement, she talked …

You Should Have Started Saving for Retirement Yesterday

A Lot of Obstacles Keep Us From Making Long-Term Investments. Luckily, There Are a Lot of Ways to Get Around Them.

Thinking about retirement is never easy. “We feel your pain,” financial writer Tom Petruno told an audience at MOCA Grand Avenue. “It’s very hard when you’re 25 to think about …