Saving Nature, One Plastic Bag at a Time

Armed With Heavy Gloves and Trash Pickers, Salton Sea Residents Are Cleaning up Their Own Backyard

At clean-ups I help organize in communities around the Salton Sea, volunteers are a mix of residents and visitors, of every age and background. Some people drive more than 90 minutes to participate. Teachers like Lorraine Salas and Susan Millan have their students—from El Centro at the southern end and Thermal at the northern end—join in. Elementary school kids come together armed with picker-uppers, gloves, and a positive attitude, run around the desert brush and along the shoreline, try to outdo each other. Cleaning up around the sea teaches you …

What’s a Psychedelic 50-Foot Mountain Doing in the Middle of the Desert?

Remembering One Man and His Candy Land-Colored Monument to Redemption By the Salton Sea

In 1984, Leonard Knight started building a mountain to proclaim his love of God on a strip of desert near Niland, California, on the east side of the Salton Sea. …

Hold Your Nose and Enjoy

Photographs From the Salton Sea, California’s Most Odiferous Unnatural Wonder

by Kim Stringfellow

A few weeks ago, distinctive and noxious undercurrents churned upward into the nether reaches of the atmosphere and blanketed the Southland in a stench. Some people mistook it …