Father’s Office Owner Sang Yoon

Smooth and Funky—Like a Good Blue Cheese Dressing

Sang Yoon is the chef and owner of the Father’s Office and Lukshon restaurants in Santa Monica and Culver City. Before talking about cooking, the restaurant business, and ketchup, he sat down in the Zócalo green room to dish on his sartorial favorites, the best beer for dim sum, and why the salad dressing he best resembles is blue cheese.

No, Sang Yoon Will Not Get With the Program

The Man Behind Father’s Office Talks Cooking, Business, and Collective Punishment For Ketchup-Related Outbursts

Sang Yoon, chef and owner of the Father’s Office and Lukshon restaurants, sat down with KCRW Good Food host Evan Kleiman to talk about entrepreneurship, inspiration, burgers, and, of course, …

Imagine the Next Benihana

Five Angelenos Go On A Choose-Your-Own Restaurant Adventure


Los Angeles has given the world In-N-Out Burger, The Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, and, most recently, the Umami phenomenon. L.A.-based chef Sang Yoon has already given us Father’s Office …