Why the Santa Monica Airport Should Become a Park

The Facility's Closure Provides a Great Opportunity to Give Los Angeles a Giant New Playground

A new 150-plus-acre park on the Westside of Los Angeles might seem like a pipe dream—at approximately $200 a square foot just for the land, that’s almost $1.3 billion. That doesn’t include the spectacular costs of buying out homeowners—assuming there was a government agency with the financial resources and huevos to use eminent domain to do it.

But Santa Monica could create such a park. It already has more than 150 acres of contiguous land under public ownership, with no homes on it, and only handful of existing structures. This …

A Pharmacy that Dispenses Homeopathic Remedies Instead of Drugs

Why My Grandparents in Santa Monica Became Pioneers in Alternative Medicine

My grandparents, Norman and Mary Litvak, founded the Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy back in 1944, originally planning on selling the usual items found in drug stores at the time—medicine, alcohol, …

Killing Time with the Fishermen of Santa Monica Pier

Photos of the Anglers Who Hang Out Beneath the Ferris Wheel, Take in the Ocean Breeze, and Wait for a Bite

On the lower deck of the Santa Monica Pier—below the Pacific Park solar-powered Ferris wheel, Inkie’s Pirate Ship ride, and oceanfront West Coaster—there’s a quiet community of fishermen and women.

Many …

Breakfast on the Beach with Dad

The Joys of Early Mornings at Perry’s Café, Before Work

Perry’s at the Beach Café has nine locations throughout Santa Monica and Venice, but I only really like one—and won’t bother going after 10 a.m.

My dad first introduced me …

When Terror Enrolled at Santa Monica College

A Year After a Devastating Shooting, a Professor Tells His Story—and Those of His Campus—as the Community Continues to Heal

Terror arrived at my college a year ago. On June 7, 2013, a man, wielding a .223 caliber assault rifle and a handgun and strapped with 1,300 rounds of ammunition, …

Glorious Snapshots of Los Angeles History

The Huntington Library’s Newly Acquired Photographs of L.A. and Santa Monica Reveal the Astounding Evolution of Southern California

Curious about what Los Angeles and Santa Monica looked like as they made the transition from hamlets to big cities? The Huntington Library in San Marino has acquired 4,600 images …