Why America Should Be Bullish About Wall Street

A Dynamic Stock Market Fuels a More Open Society

You should be celebrating the fact that the stock market is soaring.

Yes, I’m talking to you, even if you are not a trust fund baby—make that especially if you are not a trust fund baby.

I fear that with all the politicized talk of “Wall Street” and the images that shorthand conjures up in our minds of rapacious bankers and hedge fund managers, we’ve lost track of what the stock market is really all about. A bright young colleague of mine recently said she’d put a little money in the …

How Do You Say Laissez-Faire in Chinese?

Beijing Is Trying to Control the Stock Market, But It Only Makes Investors Even Jumpier

China’s Communist leaders are struggling to embrace one of the pesky truths of the capitalist system they have adopted (and adapted) with such success: Markets don’t just go up; sometimes …