Dressing in Black Takes Impeccable Skill

The Difference Between Standing Out and Fading Away Is in the Finer Details

There she was again. I’d been more or less able to avoid her since leaving New York, and I certainly wasn’t expecting her to turn up next to me at a yoga class at the Rancho la Puerta spa in Mexico. But there she was breathing serenely away while I struggled to regain focus.

Who was she? The woman who—simply by wearing all black—makes you feel stupidly ostentatious for wearing anything else. Even in yoga class.

Legs over head, I tried to steal a glance to pinpoint why some women …

How Fashion Overcame the Transatlantic Divide

Celebrities Erased National Differences in Women's Style, but American Men Still Refuse to Dress With British Sophistication

An American woman I know in London recently posted on Facebook about being grateful to be out of the country during the current presidential election. That prompted a feisty response …

What’s Not Hot

Some Trends of 2012 That Ought to Be Over


We haven’t been dancing the Lambada in 2012, nor have we been wearing double-breasted suits, nor have we been obsessing over vampires. But we’ve still been doing a lot of …