Curing My Daughter’s Colic

A Pediatrician and First-Time Mom Confronts the Limits of Medicine and Learns the First of Many Parenting Lessons

I should have seen this coming. I was too lucky during pregnancy, contending only with a few weeks of morning sickness and a bout of sciatica. By week 37, I was still able to both see and touch my toes. Delivery was perhaps even easier (please don’t hate me), with my obstetrician imploring me not to tell my friends about my quick and easy labor. I may have been exhausted, overwhelmed, and wearing mesh underwear, but my first three weeks as a first-time mom were magical.

Then came colic. Night after …

Yes, You Can Be Happy in Sad Times

Scholars Say Happiness—Along With Connectedness and Meaning—Can Make You More Resilient When the World Gets Rough

Happiness isn’t just possible when the world is in a very sad state. It’s vital in difficult times like today’s, because happier people are more resilient and recover more quickly …

How Societies Are Defined by the Segmentation of Time

While There's an Astronomical Basis for Years and Days, Most Temporal Units Are the Product of Language and Culture

Why does an hour last 60 minutes? Why does a minute last 60 seconds? What are “minutes” and “seconds,” really? A minute is just the duration you arrive at if …


            After Ansel Adams’ “Moonrise Over Hernandez, New Mexico 1941″

Stood by the edge of the mountain, the day coming fully
to crows. Stood and the …

Is there a way to wake up?

​(Jena Osman)

I was supposed to know them, the couple
you named, alerting me they’d gone missing.
(This dream dimmed what all my dreams dim: trouble.
We never bloomed, but we keep …

The Fountain of My Youth

On the way to a new life in
la Florida
we made a stop in Saint Augustine
oldest city in our America
A side trip to visit la
Fortaleza de …