Don’t Be Ashamed to Admit It: You Miss California Traffic

The Commute May Be Lousy, but Gridlock Is Also Good for Us

Admit it. You miss me, don’t you?

No? OK, maybe you’re not ready to recognize how much you need me. I understand.

I know you’ve never liked me, and for that I’ve never blamed you. You Californians like to live your lives fast, and I’m all about slowing you down. So I try not to let it bother me that you complain about me more than drought or Donald Trump.

I understand that I make you late to school and to work. I lengthen brutal commutes that keep you behind the wheel for …

Why Building More Freeways Makes Traffic Worse, Not Better

To Ease L.A. Gridlock, We Need Improved Mass Transit and Smart Urban Planning

In 1865, British economist William Stanley Jevons wrote an influential essay entitled “The Coal Question.” Today his insights are interesting to me not as they relate to coal, but rather …

The Car Is Not Dead

But the Car of the Future Is Something Entirely Different—and Only One of Many Ways We’ll Be Getting Around

Don’t sell your car just yet—but be prepared to get to where you’re going in a lot of different ways. This was the conclusion of a discussion about car culture …

LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds

Hardly Ever Stuck in Traffic—But When She Is, She Sings

Before becoming general manager of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) in 2014, Seleta Reynolds was a manager in in the livable streets sub-division at the San Francisco Municipal …

FAST Executive Director Hilary Norton

How Lucky We Are to Live in a City Like This

Hilary Norton is the executive director of Fixing Angelenos Stuck in Traffic (FAST). Before participating in a panel on the future of traffic in L.A., she talked the Vatican, her …

Will L.A. Escape the Tyranny of the Car?

We Love Our Freedom, But We Hate Traffic. And If We Want to Be a 21st-Century City, We’ve Got Changes to Make.

Aaron Paley, native Angeleno and founder of the CicLAvia bike festival, is tired of reading the same newspaper and magazine stories over and over again proclaiming that Los Angeles is …