Can NFTs Build Trust?

Blockchain Technology Is Creating New Institutions to Rely On and New Ways for Humans to Connect

Are we in a crisis of trust? Trust in institutions—governments, medicine, media—has been declining for decades, and a lack of trust in public health programs has fueled COVID-related deaths. It seems like every day we see news stories about deceitful executives or evasive government officials, giving us new reasons to distrust corporations and the institutions we have always relied upon.

Can we, then, find hope in the form of technologies that allow us to trust each other in new ways, through new institutions?

Twitter recently added a feature that lets users identify …

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Ending the Disinformation Era

In an Age of Distrust, Local Media Is Our Secret Weapon

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Is Diversity the Source of America’s Genius?

Living With People Who Don’t Think and Act Like Us Requires Hard Work, Good Humor—and Extra Brainpower

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