The British Are Anchored by an Islander Mentality

Unlike Mainland Europeans, My Country Can't Just Imagine Its Borders Away

“You’re abroad then?”
“Well I’m in Berlin. I’m an hour and a half away.”
“We can’t put you up for a job when you’re abroad.”
“What if I was in Newcastle? Edinburgh? … Shetland?”
“But they’re further away than Berlin. I can be in London in an hour and a half!”
“You’re out of the country.”

My acting friend, Ryan, has a British agent and a German agent because he pursues his career in both countries. That’s a typical conversation with his British agent. If he’s not “in the country,” …

A Yes Vote on ‘Brexit’ Would Launch a Gripping Melodrama

If Britons Choose to Abandon the EU, the Political and Economic Break Will Be Anything but Clean

The shorthand term “Brexit” is a snappy, media-friendly term suggesting a potentially abrupt historical moment, a milestone break with one reality and embrace of another. But the truth is …

Every Monday, I Visit Prisoners at Heathrow

One of the World’s Largest Airports Is Also Home to Detained Immigrants Stuck in Limbo

Every Monday, come 2 p.m. I’m usually ready in my seat in the Visitor’s Lock, unless there’s been a long wait to get fingerprinted and frisked. I then wait for …

The American Way of Teeth

How Hollywood and Huckster Dentists Convinced Us That Our Choppers Shouldn’t Look, Well, British

I remember once seeing a British television documentary on the Cold War in which the cameras were admitted to a bunker built for the use of a U.S. congressman in …