America, We Russians Thank You for Your Paranoia

All the Talk of Kremlin Meddling in U.S. Elections Means We Still Matter!

Here in Russia, we’re watching with bewilderment as our country is dragged into the U.S. presidential campaign.

The allegations that the Russian government has been plotting to interfere with America’s elections has been baffling, as we’re far more used to hearing Putin, his propaganda machine, and almost every public official beneath him, accuse the Americans of meddling in our affairs. Putin himself accused Hillary Clinton, when she was Secretary of the State, of fomenting the massive protests against his re-election. And accusing the American government of being the culprit behind …

What’s Happening at the Border Is a Humanitarian Crisis, Not a Political One

The Thousands of Children Fleeing Central America Have Nothing to Do With Our Ongoing Debate Over Immigration

Less than 48 hours after the nation collectively chanted “USA!” for the national soccer team in the World Cup last week, a much smaller group of Americans in Murrieta, California, …

Can We Thank Barry Goldwater for this Libertarian Moment?

Figuring Out What the Arizona Senator Would Make of (and How Much He’s Responsible for) Our Current Political Landscape

Between U.S. Senator Rand Paul being taken seriously as a presidential candidate and broad support for the legalization of marijuana, the country is “having a libertarian moment,” 12 News Sunday …

A Charade of a Shutdown

Closing the Government Was Impossible. Let’s Stop Pretending Otherwise.

On a flight out to California earlier this month, the two men seated next to me shared a chuckle about the government “shutdown,” then in its second week.

“It’s like the …