Architect Qingyun Ma

The USC Dean Loves Downtown and Breakfast Burritos; Texting and Air China Not-So-Much

Architect Qingyun Ma is a curator, winemaker, and dean of the University of Southern California School of Architecture. He is also the founder of architecture firm MADA s.p.a.m., which has constructed buildings and public works all over China. Before participating in a Zócalo/Getty panel on who designs L.A.’s future, Ma answered some questions in the Zócalo green room about breakfast, air travel, and texting behind the wheel.

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Are Universities More Engaged With Their Cities Now?

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Perspectives On How Gown Can Help Town


Universities often set up shop in cities, and cities often set up shop around universities. But the relationship between the two communities–town and gown–can be quite distant, even hostile. What …