How Deprivation and the Threat of Violence Made Sweden Equal

War and the Great Depression Spurred Its Embrace of the Welfare State

Sweden is almost universally regarded as a bastion of sensible people, temperate social policies, and steady, evenly distributed economic growth. So it surprises many to learn that the Scandinavian country only got to be this way in the last century, and that the catalyst was violent upheaval: two world wars and the Great Depression.

Economic inequality has always been with us, and when you observe a dramatic market compression you can always link it to a disastrous event. These events come in four flavors: intense popular military mobilization, violent and …

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Timothy Noah Talks About Growing Income Inequality In the United States—and What To Do About It

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Five Leading Economists Reflect On Whether American Wealth Disparity Is Inherent to the American Way


We all know that income inequality in the United States has grown. A few of us, if we’re especially bookish and wonky, can even cite terms like “Gini coefficient,” a …