Zócalo Expands Its Los Angeles Presence

We’re Opening a Satellite Office in Boyle Heights, Launching a Groundbreaking L.A.-Focused Initiative with Metro, and Expanding Our Partnership with L.A.’s Leading NPR Affiliate, KCRW

Zócalo Public Square has built a national profile, syndicating our editorial content to more than 160 media outlets around the country and partnering with global brands including the Smithsonian Institution and J. Paul Getty Trust. Now, Zócalo—which was founded in Koreatown in 2003 and is headquartered in Santa Monica—is expanding its presence in Los Angeles.

We are delighted to announce the opening of a new satellite office on Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights; the launch of a groundbreaking multi-platform initiative with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro); and an …

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Zócalo Goes National

Announcing Two New Partnerships with Global Brands—the Smithsonian Institution and the J. Paul Getty Trust

Zócalo is proud to announce the launch of significant new partnerships with two major global brands: the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. and the J. …

Announcing a New Column by Gregory Rodriguez

‘Imperfect Union’ Will Explore American Identity and How Diverse Societies Cohere

When America talks about itself, the country and media usually start by reducing people to ethnic stereotypes and categorizing ideas by ideological camp. Gregory Rodriguez, Zócalo Public Square’s publisher and …

Introducing Our New National & Science Editor, Jia-Rui Cook

Cook Joins Zócalo From NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

We’re proud to announce that Jia-Rui Cook is joining our team as Zócalo’s new National & Science Editor. Cook, a graduate of Harvard College who earned her master’s at Oxford …

A Public Square Farewell

It’s Been Three Great Years For Me. It Will Be Many More Great Years For Zócalo.

I initially expected to work at Zócalo for a few weeks. Gregory Rodriguez, Zócalo’s founder and publisher, needed some help in a pinch, and I owed him. Three years later, …

Gregory Rodriguez Named 2014/2015 Stanton Fellow

Santa Monica’s Durfee Foundation Will Support Zócalo’s Publisher and Executive Director in Developing a New Journalism of Attachment and Place in Los Angeles

The Durfee Foundation of Santa Monica, California announced today that Gregory Rodriguez, publisher and executive director of Zócalo Public Square, is one of six recipients of its 2014/2015 Stanton Fellowships …