Why We Let Sports Teams Break Our Hearts

As the Super Bowl Draws Near, Zealous Fans Yearn for Shared Storylines That Last a Lifetime

When I was growing up in Mexico, I rooted for a scrappy, financially troubled soccer team named Atlético Español that ultimately broke my heart by being relegated to a lower division and fading out of existence. I envy Mexican friends who can still root on the same teams they did as kids (and as I am still able to do in the NFL—Go Steelers!).

The power of sports fandom can at times seem irrational, especially to those who, blessed with an immunity to this potent virus, can utter those devastatingly inhumane …

Don’t Blame The Candidates—Blame Yourself

Americans Are Finally Getting Political Contenders as Extreme as Our Rhetoric

We may finally be getting the presidential candidates we deserve.

Forget all that talk about the wisdom of voters, and the great American people. We are the problem, with our shrill, …

Why ISIS Declared War on Soccer

The Sport Keeps Winning Over Hearts and Minds Across the Muslim World, Bridging East and West

It’s not surprising that the crazed “Soldiers of the Caliphate” terrorists selected the France-Germany soccer match at the Stade de France as the central target in their assault on Paris. …

Why is Mexico Still an International Call?

The Telecom Industry's Dirty Little Secret Is to Treat Our Closest Neighbor as If It Were Long-Distance

Don’t tell Donald Trump, but Mexico is getting a lot closer.

Even as candidates vying for the nomination of the party associated with big business call for walls separating …

Can Barack Obama Uphold Bill Clinton’s Free Trade Legacy?

A New Deal Could Bind Together a Dozen Pacific Nations. But Democrats—Including Hillary Clinton—Have Been Slow to Rally Behind It.

It’s rather poignant to watch President Obama fight to uphold the legacy of Bill Clinton while Hillary Clinton coyly refuses to join in, lest she offend the very same regressive …

Why Janet Yellen Still Needs to Be Patient

In Today’s Global Economy, Even the Mighty Federal Reserve Isn’t in Charge

Sometimes my parenting slackens—say on vacation—and Sebastian gets accustomed to staying up late, taking too much screen time, and passing on his veggies. Pulling him back to normalcy from this …