Stop Whining, Be Happy

By Every Possible Measure, This Is the Best Time to Be Alive in Human History

In her classic reinterpretation of Western history, The Legacy of Conquest, Patricia Nelson Limerick writes of an entrepreneurial young man in St. Louis eager to get in on the 1849 Gold Rush. He hands over $200 to a fledgling new carrier called the Pioneer Line that promises comfortable and speedy (60 days, give or take) coach service to the coast, food and drinks included.

Things don’t go as smoothly as advertised. Passengers have to walk part of the way on account of the wagons being overloaded and the ponies being …

No, You Don’t Have to Sign Up for Mandarin Lessons Just Yet

Even While China’s Economic Power Grows, English Will Remain the Global Go-To Language

A Russian, a Korean, and a Mexican walk into a bar. How do they communicate?

In English, if at all, even though it’s not anyone’s native language. You can swap …

What Does Amazon Want to Be When It Grows Up?

Facing Staggering Losses, the Confused Online Business Can’t Afford to Be All Things to All People

Amazon recently announced a staggering $437 million loss over the third quarter. This three-month period included the disastrous introduction of its new smartphone, a misstep for which the company has …

Why Do Burger King and Walgreens Want to Flee the U.S.?

America’s Outdated, Imperialistic Tax Code Pushes Global Businesses Overseas

The Obama administration is not living up to its promise to move the country away from an arrogant, unilateral approach to the world. And it has not embraced a more …

Why Liberals and Conservatives Agree on Uber

Attempts to Regulate the Sharing Economy Unite Politicians in Hypocrisy and Inconsistency

Uber has pulled off what few others can these days: The beloved car service (if I’m allowed to describe it so prosaically) has united politicians of all persuasions. Republicans, Democrats, …