Consciousness Isn’t About the Mind, It’s About the Body

Thinking and Feeling Are the Products of the Brain's Physical Architecture

Many students of the mind have observed that consciousness—as a word or as a concept—is a placeholder, a suitcase word for multiple processes in our brains. Those processes are systems in our brains that are made of physical matter; they chug away, following physical laws, to generate our felt state, our subjective sense of life. And somehow, in the entirety of their collective actions, we are aware, we feel, we love, we sit on the porch in the evening and enjoy the sunset.

Some say the gap—between nerve cells …

How the Evolution of the Human Brain Led Us to God

Advances in Neuroscience Link Our Cognitive Development to Our Idea of the Divine

The human brain is the most intriguing object in the universe, populated with 100 billion neurons connected by nerve fibers, which, if laid end to end, could circle the earth …

Low Interest Rates Are Bad for Your Brain

A Neuroscientist Explains the Human Penchant for Instant Gratification

In today’s interdependent turbocharged world, we all feel the downstream shocks from China’s wobbling experiment in casino capitalism—and they are painfully familiar. A euphoric bull market, driving stock growth of …