When Choreography and Secrets Collide

A Collaborative Art Project Seeks to Turn Community Memories Into Dance

Does a work of art have to be created by one person with a singular vision? Our experience says “no.”

Art-making also works when a group of specialized artists—or even artists of different mediums—come together. We re-learned this important principle last year when we collaborated with other dancers for a performance at the Afterimage Gallery in Riverside. Our piece was part of an exhibition called “Hanging Out” that featured music, spoken word, and fine art as well as dance.

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How to Find the Paul McCartney to Your John Lennon

You Can’t Engineer Great Collaboration, Says Joshua Wolf Shenk. But Brilliant Creative Pairs Have a Few Things in Common.

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Teamwork Doesn’t Mean We’re All Equal

A Collaboration Expert Tells Us What Goes Into Successful Partnerships

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That Time Mozart Jammed with Michael Jackson

Which Creative Greats Would You Pick for a Dream Collaboration?

Even as teenagers, John Lennon and Paul McCartney saw themselves as “the next great songwriting team.” Sitting in McCartney’s living room with their guitars, they jotted down ideas in a …