Journalist Ann Louise Bardach

Ann Louise Bardach is the author of Without Fidel and Cuba Confidential. Before participating in a discussion on whether the Cuban Revolution failed, she talked in the Zócalo green room about the journal she wrote to Napoleon’s mistress as a kid and about the interviews that got away.

What Will the New Cuba Look Like?

An Island Where Capitalism, Chinese-Style Repression, and More Castros Converge

Where did the Cuban Revolution succeed, and where did it fail? How will Cuba change as the country enters a new era of rapprochement with the United States? What is …

Will Cuba Go From Enemy to Frenemy?

What the Resumption of Diplomatic Relations Means for the U.S. and Our Island Neighbor

Just this past week, historic talks were held in Washington with the goal of inching closer to a goal that, for decades, has been unimaginable: restored diplomatic relations between the …

Amid Havana’s Daily Rations, Flashes of Serendipity

Photos by L.A.-Based Photographer David Stork Reveal the Rhythms of this Cuban Capital on the Eve of the 21st Century

A kid jumps with both arms raised, while a group of boys look on to see if his basketball will make the hoop. A woman wearing a bandana walks under …

Exiled Twice, Maybe Now I Can Have My Own Cuban Memories

I Can Barely Remember the Country I Was Born In, But I’ve Long Lived with My Parents’ Disillusionment

In announcing his decision to normalize relations with Cuba, President Barack Obama explained the relationship between the two nations with a saying very common among Cubans: No es fácil—it’s not …

Did Obama Just Reset the Entire Western Hemisphere?

For Five Decades, the U.S. Has Obsessed Over a Small Caribbean Island at the Expense of Its Policy Toward All of Latin America

I was absorbed in a project Wednesday morning when out of the corner of my eye I started seeing references to big news out of Cuba in various incoming email …