Don’t Blame Germany for Greece’s Debt Crisis

No Country Has Done More to Democratize and Raise Europe's Living Standards

Germany knows a thing or two about being punished for bad deeds, but in recent weeks the country has been the poster child for the old adage that no good deed goes unpunished.

There is no other way to describe the reputational black eye Germans received as a result of the drawn-out Greek bailout negotiations that culminated last week in the approval of a deal struck with other eurozone countries.

No country has done more than Germany in recent times to raise living standards and democratic norms across Europe, which …

Why Greece’s ‘Suicidal’ Referendum Is Still a Good Idea

While It Won’t Save the Economy, a Vote at Least May Prevent Social and Political Upheaval

After months of difficult negotiations, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has called for a public vote Sunday on whether or not Greece should accept the austerity measures that its creditors …

Euro Woes

Forget about the German-Greek Showdown; Root for the Brits

Germany meets Greece in soccer’s European Championship on Friday, and–given the crisis that ties together their two star-crossed economies–life once more will become the metaphor for sports, and sports for …

The Greek Dilemma

Europeans Have To Be Given a Say in Their Future

The idea of a Greek plebiscite to challenge the European debt bailout plan may be dead. But don’t exhale yet. The world will soon see more European referenda that could …

Greece, You’re Embarrassing Us

The Laments and Mopings of Baltimore's Greektown

It was nervous laughter, the kind you might get when making fun of your mother without knowing she’s in the room. The kind that often leads to trouble.

The jokester was …