Getty President and CEO James Cuno

Step Away From the Graham Crackers

James Cuno is president and CEO of the Getty Trust. Before participating in a panel on whether the arts make us better people, he talked about his love of graham crackers and the Red Sox and told us which piece of the Getty’s collection he’d like to take home in the Zócalo green room.

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Hit by Lightning at the Louvre

How a Military School Dropout-Turned-Actor-Turned-Janitor Ended Up Running the World’s Richest Arts Institution

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Enlighten Up

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Assessing the Proper Role of Museums in the Information Age


In recent years, museums have come under criticism for many alleged sins–overly aggressive collection practices, questionable finances, elitism, or failure to adapt to the digital world. This has led to …

Actually, Museums Are a Good Thing

So Enough With the Accusations Of Gendered, Imperialist Hegemony, Et Cetera

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