Neither Global Leaders nor Local Residents Have a Narrative That Fits Today’s Venezuela

Desperate for a Coherent Story, Venezuelans Turn to Twitter—for Better or Worse

When I sat down to write about what it feels like to live in Venezuela right now, I thought it would be easy. After all, this is what I do for a living. Though I have tried to branch out as a freelance journalist to focus on my other interests—literature, history, LGBTQ topics, media—I never seem to fully escape Venezuela. I’ve taken for granted that, until the very end, I will struggle to understand my country.

Despite some missed chances, I can’t say some things have gone badly for me, work-wise. …

Why Don’t Brazilians Care More About the Amazon?

If a Former Environmental Activist Is Elected President, Brazil Will Have to Remember Its Bloody Fight Over the Rainforest

Entry into the Casa Chico Mendes Museum is free, but it’ll cost you $20,000 to visit the environmental activist’s assassin. He lives down the street–if you’re interested.

I was. I recently …

Brazilian Protestors, Take Note: This Could End Badly

A 1968 Massacre in Mexico—the Last Country to Host a Summer Olympics and World Cup Back-to-Back—Holds Tragic Lessons

Protestors clashed with riot police as the World Cup kicked off in Sao Paulo, the latest manifestation of widespread discontent with the expensive (and behind-schedule) preparations for the massive sporting …

When Did Cuba Stop Being Sexy?

The U.S.-Cuba Saga Feels Like an Aging Soap Opera. Here’s Hoping President Obama’s Handshake With Raúl Castro Shakes Things Up.

Barack Obama’s handshake with Raúl Castro at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service made headlines around the world, but it’s understandable that the president’s “selfie” with Danish leader Helle Thorning-Schmidt received more …

Is Mexico Finally Getting Over Its Hang-ups?

With a Major Energy Reform, the Country Seems Ready To Shed Its Old, Outdated Ideas Of Itself

Over the summer, on a visit to my old hometown of Chihuahua in northern Mexico, a place wracked by drug cartel violence in recent years, I met with Javier Contreras …

Dinosaurios in the Lead

Mexico Looks Poised to Vote for the Past

It’s taken a dozen years, but Mexicans have reached the same conclusion that Russians came to in the 1990s and that Egyptians came to after their recent elections: Democracy is …