How Latin America’s Left Could Lose Their Scapegoat

Will Obama’s Trip to Cuba and Argentina Be the Nail in the Coffin for the Region’s Tired Anti-American Script?

Barack Obama took a deserved victory lap in Latin America last week.

Critics of the president’s opening to Cuba accuse Obama of appeasing the Castro regime, but they missed the historic significance of the trip.

When Obama went on Cuban TV and radio to say that he’d made the visit to “bury the last remnant of the Cold War in the Americas,” he might as well have been burying the nation’s virulently anti-American regime, not just Washington’s outdated policies.

Obama’s visit did more to spotlight the truly heinous nature of the …

You Don’t Want U.S. Politics to End Up Like Venezuela’s

In My Home Country, Our Two Major Parties Have Separate Newspapers, Fashions, and Flags. This Could Be America’s Fate.

I’m having a hard time figuring out which America is real. Is it the one where Americans are protesting the killing, by police officers, of unarmed black boys and men? …

Do You Take Your Coffee With Sugar, Milk, or Guns?

In My Search of the Origins of Our Daily Elixir, I Kept Encountering Armed Men

One morning a few years ago, I met a coffee grower in an upscale apartment complex at the edge of Guatemala City. He drove a Toyota Sequoia customized as a …

Why the Americas Are Letting Venezuela Self-Destruct

At the Turn of the 21st Century, Latin American Nations Made Commitments to Defend Democracy. Those Days Are Gone.

Elected leaders across the hemisphere gathered to condemn and possibly sanction a neighboring president who closed down independent media and harassed political opponents.

Venezuela? If only. That was Peru in 2000.

The …

Will Cuba Go From Enemy to Frenemy?

What the Resumption of Diplomatic Relations Means for the U.S. and Our Island Neighbor

Just this past week, historic talks were held in Washington with the goal of inching closer to a goal that, for decades, has been unimaginable: restored diplomatic relations between the …

Stop Making Argentina Your Morality Tale

After Years of Every Default and Inflation Scenario Imaginable, Arcane Financial Developments Are Now Dinner Table Conversation

I woke up a couple of weeks ago to an Argentina that had, against its will, defaulted on its sovereign debt. For those unversed in international finance terminology, that basically …