Antonio Villaraigosa Sees Opportunity in Crisis

L.A.’s 41st Mayor Has Advice for Elected Officials Right Now, Some of It Hard-Won

“In every crisis there’s an opportunity,” Antonio Villaraigosa said yesterday.

The 41st mayor of Los Angeles was responding to a question asked by moderator Saul Gonzalez, KQED correspondent and co-host of The California Report during a Zócalo event, “How Much Can Americans Expect of Our Leaders in Crisis?”

“There are crises everywhere we turn,” Gonzalez had said, nodding to a toxic election cycle, an economic downturn, racial unrest, and a pandemic. Putting aside the human cost for a moment, Gonzalez asked Villaraigosa, “Did you relish a good crisis?”

Yes, said Villaraigosa. “More than …

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When Presidential Silence Speaks Louder than Words

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Do poverty and a lack of education produce terrorism?

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