How Mail-Order Spouses Helped Settle America

Ever Since the 'Tobacco Brides' of Jamestown, Government-Led 'Partner Redistribution' Has Eased Male Loneliness and Expanded Women's Freedom

The history of government-sponsored matchmaking in the United States is a long one, with roots in the very founding of the colonies. In his account of life in the early Virginia colony, John Smith depicts a land teeming with sexually available Native American women, where a young Englishman like himself could expect to have several fighting for his affection. Describing a visit to the village of Pocahontas’s father, Powhatan, he wrote that he was greeted by “30 young women [who] came naked out of the woods (only covered behind and …

In Choosing to Be Cherokee, She Was Forced to Renounce the U.S.

Until 1930, American Women Like Harriett Gold Lost Their Citizenship When They Married Foreign Nationals, Even If Those “Foreigners” Were Native Americans

Mixed couples in the United States—those who crossed boundaries between Indian Nations and the European newcomers—left permanent legacies well beyond the families they created. They also shaped the meaning of …

What Do Gay Marriage and Obamacare Have in Common?

Two Cases Before the Supreme Court Point to the Long-Running Battle Between States Rights and Federal Authority

I don’t drink champagne, but if the Supreme Court strikes down state bans on gay marriages this month, I might pop open a bottle in celebration. As a newspaper editorial …

Why the American Family Needs Same-Sex Parents

Data Shows That the Country’s Most Vulnerable Kids Will Benefit If the Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Gay Marriage

On April 28th, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in an omnibus case about whether same-sex couples are allowed to marry in all 50 states in this country. …

Tossed Into the Air

It’s possible marriage flings candelabras against the void.

Also possible: marriage implodes into the Milky Way.

Shall we speculate upon what mansion and brothel have in common?

Nope, let’s mutate. Enjoy our asanas, …

Does California Hate Marriage?

I Thought My Sister and Her Fiancé Were Conventional for Getting Hitched. In This State, They’re Exceptional.

This weekend, The Accident gets hitched.

The Accident is my term of endearment (really!) for my baby sister Katie, who arrived, unexpectedly, 11 ½ years after me and seven years after …