There’s No Such Thing as Math People

Mathematical Ability Is Not Fixed, We're Just Teaching It Wrong

The first time my girlfriend and I fought, it was over, of all things, math. It was one of those past-midnight, early-relationship nights, when instead of sleeping, you talk about the big, impossible questions: truth and justice and so on. I told her that rather than God, I believe in infinity.

She laughed.

In high school, I was like most students; algebra and proofs and numbers left me uninspired. But when I wound up a math teacher—and, later, a coach for other teachers—I had to think more deeply about math. I …

My Love Affair with Pi, the World’s Greatest Irrational Number

As a Scientist, Baker, and Nerd, I Couldn't Be More Excited About 3.14.15

3.14159265. Nine digits of pi is all I can remember. My older daughter left me in the dust back when she was in fourth grade and inspired to memorize as …

Why Isn’t America Awesome at STEM Education?

Figuring Out How the Nation That Leads the World in Innovation Can Do a Better Job of Teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

The World Economic Forum ranks the United States 52nd in the world in the quality of its math and science education. What are we doing wrong? Arizona Daily Star education …

Do We Really Need Finland to Teach Us How to Teach STEM?

Looking Abroad Can’t Hurt. But the Answers to Better Math and Science Proficiency Might Be Closer to Home Than We Think.

In the 2011 State of the Union address, President Obama challenged the nation to produce 100,000 excellent new science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) teachers by the year 2021. In …

How I Almost Didn’t Fail Algebra

Math Requirements Ended My Hopes of College. Are They Good Public Policy?

Algebra was responsible for the first F I ever got.

While I was never a straight-A student, I wasn’t a screw-up either. But tell that to Mexican-immigrant parents who dropped out …

Math Teacher Sarah Armstrong

Who Says I Get Summers Off?!

Sarah Armstrong is a longtime math teacher in Orange County. Before participating in a panel on the role of algebra in the classroom and the world, she sat down in …