The End of Frontier Medicine in California

Why Obamacare Can’t Save the Health Clinic I Built in Western Sierra County

Thirty-eight years ago, a young nurse practitioner, who was a veteran of the Air Force and the Army, moved his family from Denver to Downieville, California, the Sierra County seat, to volunteer for the National Health Service Corps. The village was founded during the gold rush—in 1851, its population peaked at 5,000—but by the time we arrived, there were only about 500 residents in Downieville and 1,200 in the immediate surrounding area.

On my first night in town, I was hooking up the television for my children and by sheer …

Will Obamacare Make My Nursing Job Impossible?

Sicker Patients Are Coming Into My Care—Even As the Hospital Cuts Staff

As the first enrollees in the Affordable Care Act begin seeking care at my hospital, I wonder how my practice as a registered nurse will change. We’re told the goal …

Can California Figure Out a Way to Train Nurses?

The State Ranks 46th in the Nation in RNs Per Capita. I Teach Nursing in Fresno, and I Know Why It’s an Uphill Battle.

I’m a Valley girl—I’ve lived in the San Joaquin Valley almost my entire life—and I’ve been a nursing instructor. That combination, according to state jobs statistics, is rare.

There is …