Can the Free Market Cure Asthma?

A Group in Fresno Looks to Make Money While Helping Kids Breathe

Is there a profit to be found in reducing children’s asthma attacks? A diverse team of public health advocates, asthma care providers, financiers, and foundations has set up a pilot program with the goal of making money for investors while solving a deeply entrenched health crisis in and around Fresno, California.

The idea is to create incentives to reduce costly visits to the emergency room caused by asthma attacks. In Fresno, families and insurers spend approximately $35 million a year on these ER visits. Asthma attacks are triggered by pollution, dust …

Getting Off My Duff in Carson

Homeowners In My City Banded Together to Wake Up Shell Oil. Now I Need to Wake Up, Too.

Sitting at the bus stop on Moneta Avenue, I watch cars pull into and drive away from Veterans Park. People visit the SportsComplex at the park or fill the bleachers …