People, Not Politicians, Should Reshape Direct Democracy

After Sitting on Four Commissions Over 30 Years, I’ve Discovered Why Legislator-Led Efforts Are Almost Always Bound to Fail

Lawmaking by voters through the ballot initiative process has been popular in California for more than a century.

So why is there near constant talk of altering or limiting California’s direct democracy, including now, in the aftermath of last year’s gubernatorial recall election?

There are two answers to that question, one visible, and one hidden. On the surface, would-be reformers usually say that they want to make citizen lawmaking more effective and easier for everyday Californians to understand. But below the surface, attempts to reform the process reflect profound tension, and disagreements …

How Tibetan Buddhists Helped Me Seek Enlightenment at Howard Jarvis’s House | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian

How Tibetan Buddhists Helped Me Seek Enlightenment at Howard Jarvis’s House

Revisiting the Former Home of the ‘Mad as Hell’ Tax Reformer as Another Fight Over Prop 13 Begins

Want to stop worrying so much about the future of California? Go and say a prayer at Howard Jarvis’s house.

No historic plaques mark the five-bedroom home at 515 N. Crescent …

Rent Control Is a Kludge, Not an Answer, for Affordable Housing

California Embraces Complex Formulas to Dodge the Hard Work of Actually Fixing a Problem

Rent control won’t solve California’s enormous housing problems. But that’s not stopping many Californians from pursuing rent control policies in their hometowns.

2016 threatens to become the Year of Rent Control, …

Affordable Housing and Foreclosures

Affordable Housing Is Now a Middle-Class Crisis in California

The Golden State Faces a Massive Shortage of Residential Real Estate. So Why Aren’t Builders Building?

California has a housing crisis.

This probably doesn’t sound like news given the recent publicity about disputes over homelessness, rapidly rising rents, and gentrification—and the flurry of policy proposals for …