Tinseltown Cab Fare

A Girl from Baltimore’s Trip to L.A., and Back

“I hate drunks, they are so obnoxious. I should know, I used to be one …” –Mary Carol Reilly on the fundamentals of being a cabbie

She used to lie in bed at night, a 10-year-old kid imagining that one day she’d be a movie star. Though she never quite got the role–getting just close enough to feel the heat of the kliegs–the Mary Carol Reilly bio-pic is epic.

“The dreams helped me get to sleep,” said Reilly, a native Baltimorean whose family was riddled with alcoholism, mental illness, condescending haves, and …

My Golden Ride in The Idiot Box

TV Writing Paid My Bills, But I Still Don't Watch

In 2006, I served a long year in the psych ward/nursery school that was the writers’ room for the quickly cancelled NBC drama The Black Donnellys.

The show held great promise, …

Just Another Band from L.A.

A Fictional Journey West from Baltimore

“Music is the only religion that delivers the goods …”

-Frank Zappa, born in Baltimore, died in Los Angeles


Cherry stole the Apicellas’ still-smells-like-new Ford Granada a couple …

Greece, You’re Embarrassing Us

The Laments and Mopings of Baltimore's Greektown

It was nervous laughter, the kind you might get when making fun of your mother without knowing she’s in the room. The kind that often leads to trouble.

The jokester was …