Before Wordle, There Was Cross-Word Mania

In the 1920s, Puzzling Inspired a Broadway Musical, Built a Publishing House, and Counted the Queen of England as a Fan

In its short lifespan, Wordle has already made the tricky transition from cult phenomenon to established part of our daily lives.

Created by a software engineer in Brooklyn for his partner in October 2021, the online word puzzle game gives you six tries to correctly guess a five-letter word each day. Its no-frills design, once-daily refresh, and spoiler-free way to share results on social media has turned it into an overnight success.

But the game’s swift pop culture ascendancy, which led to it getting acquired by the New York Times for upward …

We Are the World. We Are the Charity Single.

After the Orlando Shooting, the Musical Staple of 1980s Philanthropy Makes a Comeback

A few years ago I took on a research challenge: to listen to every charity single released in the United Kingdom between December 1984 and the end of 1995. I …

Why Angelenos Love Kogi BBQ, Kale, and Cupcakes

Food Trends Are the Edible Zeitgeist, Says Journalist David Sax. And They Impact Our Diets, Economy, and Culture.

If you yell “cupcakes” to a crowd of Angelenos, how will they respond? How about “gluten-free”? Or “kale”? Or “bacon-kale cupcake”?

Journalist David Sax, author of The Tastemakers: Why We’re Crazy …

Be Grateful for Molten Chocolate Cake

The Tastemakers

Food trends—be they healthy, decadent, or just plain silly—have become big business in American cuisine. But do they spring, fully formed, from the brains of entrepreneurs and chefs? Do they …

When Arugula Became a Thing

How Can We Tell a Food Fad From a Revolution?

Ant farms as toys in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Stirrup pants in the late 1980s. That marble-mouthed way of singing inspired by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam in …