Why Can’t We All Fight On Like Old USC?

California's Public Universities Could Learn Some Things From the Rise of the Trojans

The University of Southern California football team is likely to lose to archrival UCLA this Thanksgiving weekend. But away from the gridiron, USC is on a decades-long winning streak that has become one of the most important stories in our state.

Over the past generation, USC has transformed itself from an easily mocked regional school for rich kids (“University of Spoiled Children”) into a global powerhouse. That growth has coincided with the decline or stagnation of other local entities, and turned USC into one of the most influential institutions in Southern …

Californians Have No Idea How Important Public Universities Are

If They Did, They’d Stop Making the Schools Beg for Money

Californians, I regret to inform you that your diploma is being held up. You won’t be able to graduate.

You flunked higher education.

Another state budget, accompanied by an eight-month-long …

The Next Great American Scientists Will Not Graduate From Harvard

Small Classes, Intense Mentoring, and Hands-On Research Make Liberal Arts Colleges Scientific Breeding Grounds

In response to billionaire hedge fund manager John Paulson’s recently announced commitment of $400 million to support the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University, the journalist Malcolm …

Universities on the Brink of a Nervous Breakdown

What Will It Take to Redesign and Reinvigorate American Higher Education?

Pretty much anyone you talk to in America today has an opinion about what’s wrong with our universities. Parents think they’re too expensive. Recent graduates fear being crushed by debt …

What’s in the Name on Your Diploma?

Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be

For a certain stratum of the American middle class, a college acceptance letter is the culminating moment in the lives of children—and their parents. But is our obsession with college …

The Death of the College Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

The University Will Survive, But in Very Different Form, Says Kevin Carey

American society is obsessed with change and the future—yet our institutions of higher education love to advertise how long they’ve been around. Why? Kevin Carey, author of The End of …