Casanova Was More Than a Good Lover

The Infamous Seducer Wasn’t Merely After Conquest. He Chased Intelligent Conversation and Passionate Affairs to Remember.

He first saw Henriette when she was travelling with an army officer and disguised as a man, though everyone could tell that she was a beautiful woman. His love grew stronger when he saw her in a dress, and when he learned that she was a spirited, cultivated, and intelligent lady. He bought her clothes and jewelry. He cried with pride when she surprised him by masterfully playing the cello in front of connoisseurs. They spent three heavenly months together; “never,” he wrote, did even “a folded rose petal come …

When Human Hair Could Braid Two Hearts Together

Before Chocolates Reigned on Valentine’s Day, a Tuft of Your Beloved’s Tresses Was the Most Fashionable Sign of Affection

In 2016, Americans will spend more than $18 billion on Valentine’s Day, according to the National Retail Federation. We’ll show our love and affection by buying heart-shaped chocolate boxes, sparkling …

The Needy

My son has learned there are some girls
to whom you cannot give a kitty and puppy valentine.
Afterward, the attachment becomes obsessive;
a whole week of recesses is ruined.

Why My Preschool Is a Valentine Exclusion Zone

Yes, I Banned the Hearts. But It Was For Love.

I didn’t expect much of a reaction to my ban on Valentine’s Day. I direct a Jewish preschool, and recently I sent out an e-mail that said the following:

St. Valentine’s …

Sixth-Grade Valentine’s Day Was a Rude Awakening

I Think I'm Better Prepared For the Seventh-Grade Version

Ever since I was 8, or maybe even younger, I have woken up on Valentine’s Day and followed a trail of glittery heart cut-outs laid out for me by my …

A Florid Look At Love

What Happens In the Flower District While You Sleep


Valentine’s Day starts early for the florists. On February 13th, hours before most people were waking up, the business of buying and selling was underway in the six square blocks …