Saying Goodbye to Rush Hour on the 405

Teaching Yoga in Roswell, New Mexico Ain’t Glamorous. But There’s Something Magnificent About Living in a Place Where There’s Nothing to Do But Think.

Today looks like this. Up at 6 a.m. for a dog walk to beat the sunshine. Out the door by 7. See the city firemen training with weights at the park. Back home by 8.

At 8:30, I hop on the bicycle and ride about 12 blocks to the yoga studio where I’ll teach my first yoga class of the day; I’ll teach three classes today. In between, I’ll write, read, prepare for yoga classes by watching a video or writing new sequences. Then grocery shopping, laundry, putting away the dishes …

Did I Violate the U.S. Constitution By Teaching Yoga?

I Think I Put Together Healthy Classes For Kids in L.A. Schools. Some Parents Don’t Agree.

Is teaching yoga to kids a form of religious indoctrination? About a month ago, a California judge ruled that yoga could be taught at the Encinitas Union School District without …

Enlightenment, the Hard Way

The Mind-Clearing Power of Communal Body Contortion

Upon entering an ashtanga yoga studio, this is what you won’t encounter: a welcoming, light-filled space with Krishna Das on the sound system and an exuberant, smiling young teacher sporting …