BuzzFeed Quizzes Are Good for the Soul

Sure They’re Annoying and Occasionally Insulting. But the Possibilities for Self-Knowledge Are Endless.

Americans have gone quiz-crazy. People who wouldn’t have dared admit to reading BuzzFeed a few weeks ago are now trawling the site late at night to answer questions they’d find insulting anywhere else.

All of a sudden we’re wondering: What about me screams “dachshund”? Was it the love I espoused for a good hot dog that earned me a suggested move to Des Moines? Why did I just tell all my Facebook friends that I’m Thomas from Downton Abbey? (Am I really Thomas from Downton Abbey?)

Zócalo believes such possibilities for self-knowledge are endless, and that we could be asking ourselves so much more—and sharing the true essence of our souls. So we offer, humbly, the best quiz results that you haven’t (yet) received.

Quiz concepts by Darin Beaman, chief creative officer of OIC interactive marketing and brand communications agency and president of the Zócalo Public Square board of directors.
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